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Dance Science Net provides knowledge and offers ground for experience in different areas of dance science, to help you optimize performance by improving health, enhancing training and releasing the full movement potential of each dancer.

Particularly for dancers and athletes it is important to take responsibility for their own bodies to help regenerate what goes lost during intensive training. Dance Science Net supports and develops healthier dancers throughout their careers providing services from which performers can learn to preserve, restore and move energy around their minds and bodies in different ways, to find balance and perform more freely.

We offer an essential and rapidly growing dance science service that all dance practitioners including students and professionals should be able to access in order to reduce the extremely high injury rate (over 80%). Our services include:

I – Educational Activities for dance students

Educational activities are aimed at Dance students of all levels from beginners to university students. The aim of this pedagogical program is to raise students awareness of their own body and mind systems and give them tools for injury prevention to safely develop into integrated dancers. Activities include modular workshop sessions in theory and practice.

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11- Professional Development opportunities

Professional Development opportunities include a  series of training, qualifications, and conferences for professionals working in and around dance. Drawing from dance medicine and science research, these professional programs aim at developing awareness of a safe and effective dance practice for dance related professionals working with dancers, including dance teachers, choreographers, company directors, managers, health-care professionals, movement therapists, etc.

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