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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s biomechanics?

It is the study of the mechanical laws (of dynamics) relating to the movement or structure of living organisms. It is used to reach optimal performance in movement disciplines like sports and dance.

What’s somatics?

The study of the human body as perceived from within (from oneself!). The soma is your own body as you feel it, and move it; not as someone else might perceive it. Somatic techniques include Yoga, Gyrotonic Expansion System, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais Method, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Imagery, etc.

What’s Yoga?

Millenary tradition from the East, it is a holistic discipline that works to bring together (concentrate) and balance the visible (body) and invisible (spirit, mind) aspects of a human being, resulting in an improved overall performance. This is achieved through awareness, movement, and breath. In this session attention will be drawn to the entirety of the body in movement or stillness to release tensions.

What’s Gyrokinesis® ?

Gyrokinesis® is the floor work form of the Gyrotonic Expansion System®. This movement session involves a series of exercises influenced by yoga, tai chi, gymnastics and dance practice, with emphasis on the circularity of movement and the dynamics of the spine and pelvis. The system works the entire body through seven natural elements of spinal movement: forward, backward, left side, right side, left twist, right twist and circular. Fluidity is the key.

What’s Bodywork?

The Eyerman Technique of Bodywork and Movement is an ideal regenerating program for dancers as it was designed by Ken Eyerman over 20 years while working with Martha Graham Dance Company, Rudolph Nureyev, and the London Contemporary Dance School. This technique includes elements of Feldenkrais®, Ashtanga Yoga, deep tissue massage and polarity therapy and was designed to help dancers recuperate balance in a physical and mental level and get ready for the next challenge.

How long is a session?

Seminars and workshops can vary from 1.5hrs to 3hrs . A minimum of two sessions have to be booked in the same day.

What are the prices of the activities offered?

Prices vary according to the nature, length and location of the activity. Please contact us for a specific price plan.

Who is it for?

Dance companies, educational institutions, independent professionals and students.

In what countries is Dance Science Net operating?

Educational activities and Professional development courses can be arranged in most countries in Europe.

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